Everything is Illuminated

very boring book

everything is illuminated is one of the most boring books i have ever read! does anyone else feel this way? i think is was overhyped in both hollywood and by the critics.

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no I don't think its boring, but you have to be used to the nazi content and anything else, if you are not interested in the past, you shouldn't read the book

But what i was excited about was that the book was a little strange, because you only know the full meaning of it, when you arrived at the end of the book

but i think its kind of strange that foer uses the same characters in his secon novel .. but its also interessting to see how they live on ..

This is one of the most complicated books I have ever read. I did "check out" about 3/4 of the way through because I couldn't, and still can't keep the characters straight.

However, the symbolism, the meaning of the whole story and the unique way that it is told are all worthy of serious discussion and scholarship.

Gradesaver's analysis is a level 1 analysis.

I encourage you to ignore the movie, because I seriously doubt that it illuminated anything.

i think that this book is one of the best books that i have ever read , because it is very easy to read and it containes very important issues. So, it must be a read for every one

i agree

I liked the movie!

The movie helped clarify what was going on, I urge everyone to check it out! Besides, it was a wonderful, clever movie!

Not at all, I thought it was an amazing story, and honestly I would read it again.