Everyday Use

"Everyday Use"

Describe the narrator of this story.

How did Maggie become like a "lame animal"?

What is your first impression of Dee?

What is it that Dee makes sure to get in every picture? Why is this the case?

Why have Dee and her husband taken on the name that they have?

How many times has Dee been married?

Why doesn't Dee want any of the "other" quilts?

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Mama, the narrator of the story, is big boned, stronger than most men, and mild tempered. There is a quiet sincerity about Mama that earns her the reader’s respect early in her narrative. She is loving, forgiving, independent and frank. Mama is a realist. Despite her dreams of reconciling with Dee, she understands that her eldest daughter has much to understand about the real meaning of her family and her roots.

You need to post each of your other questions one at a time and I will get to them.