Esperanza Rising

how does Isabel respond to having to stay home and not work while everyone else works?

page 110-113

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Can you give me a chapter for this? 

1) I think that isabel responds by telling esperanza to clean out the babies diaper but isabel gets mostly the hard job because cleaning out the babies diaper takes a lot of work.

2) Isabel feels happy towards esperanza because esperanza likes working with isabel and isabel likes to work with esperanza but one challenge was that isabel was kind of tired teaching esperanza everything she havent learned because when she used to be rich the servants had to do everything for espeanza.

3) The phrase means that esperanza and her family still has the money and that she and her family wont stay there for long. I know because on the bottom of page 105 esperanza said '' My papa would never have wnated us to live in a place like this'' so, I thin that isabel got a little disapointed when esperanza said that.


how does esperanza react to when isabel left the room?