Esperanza Rising

Esperanza Rising

1. What does Esperanza mean when she says to Miguel that there is a "deep river" that runs between them?

2. Does this change in California?

3. If so, describe how their relationship changes and give reasons for why this might happen.

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From the text:

But now that she was a young woman, she understood that Miguel was the housekeeper's son and she was the ranch owner's daughter and between them ran a deep river. Esperanza stood on one side and Miguel stood on the other and the river could never be crossed.

At one time, Esperanza was considered Miguel's superior, they came from two different worlds. Esperanza was the daughter of a rich man, and Miguel was merely the housekeeper's son. Had they never gone to America this relationship would never have changed. None-the-less, in America, they find themselves on equal ground..... Esperanza is no longer a rich little girl.... the social barriers have fallen away.

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Esperanza Rising