Ender's Game

Question about Enders game

At the end of the novel, Ender discovers that the Formics have left him a message for him in the new world. 

Explain - 

a.) How Ender knew it was meant for him.

b.) What he found there.

c.) How the Formics found him, learned what he was thinking and earned their trust.

d.) What Ender's mission is and how he feels about this offer of redemption.


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When Ender finds the queen's cocoon, he sees a flash of memories and hears thoughts in his mind as the buggers communicated. The bugger-queen "tells" him that they did not mean to murder the humans, and when they understood what they had done, they never returned. She insists that they could live with the humans in peace. This thought-speech between Ender and the bugger queen supports what Ender repeatedly asked Graff and Mazer during his training: if the buggers never knew that that they were killing sentient beings, and they have not returned, why should the humans attack them? While Graff's and Mazer's point of view--that the buggers had attacked them twice and thus would probably return--is valid on the basis of experience, Ender seems to understand the buggers better than anyone else. Ender's experience of learning the bugger memories proves to him that the buggers should not have been punished for doing something they did not understand. Even so, killing humans as they did was murder, intentional or not. Enders relationship with the thoughts of the Formics provide a little redemption for him. Ender's reputation is ruined during his lifetime because of the sympathy he engendered for the buggers through his book. That perhaps is a small price to pay for what Ender feels he had done.