Ender's Game

Explain the symbolism of the End of the World as it relates to Ender.


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The computer is providing scenarios that no other student has encountered. This part of the game is solely Ender's game, and the symbols in the game directly reflect Ender's life and mind. Ender really is at the "End of the World" in that the future of humankind seems to rest on him. Ender proves willing to jump into the abyss, but he does so without the hope of surviving; he is content with the beauty and willing to see what happens. In the bugger war and some of the battles, Ender must be willing to jump "down" and do the best he can, regardless of the usual rules.

In the castle, Ender refuses to accept the snake's claim that death is his only escape. He has escaped before, without death, and he will continue to fight on.