Ender's Game

Chapter 1: Third

One of the first things you notice about this book is that it is printed in two different fonts. The sans serif font used at the beginning of almost every chaptr is usually the dialogue between two unidentified speakers. What do we learn about Ender in this first section of the novel?

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Ender feels isolated at school. He is frequently bullied. Andrew has been  wearing a "monitor" that permits the authorities to understand his experiences from the inside. He has it taken out on the day that the book begins. Ender is extremely smart for a young boy. For instance, he understands that the nurse is lying when she says that the removal of the monitor will not hurt. He is also very cynical about such things: "Sometimes lies were more dependable than the truth." Ender turns to inner discourse about whether his brother Peter will stop hating him now that Ender is without the monitor. But Ender decides that Peter will never leave him alone. You can check out more below: