End Zone


End Zone is Don DeLillo's second novel, published in 1972.[1]

It is a light-hearted farce that foreshadows much of his later, more mature work. Set at small Logos College in West Texas, End Zone is narrated in first person by Gary Harkness, a blocking back on the American football team during the school's first integrated year.

Plot summary

Gary spends time playing football, picnicking with a girl named Myna, and contemplating nuclear warfare. Its meditative but ultimately playful nature, spry dialogue, and deep but mostly unconnected themes make End Zone perhaps the most easily accessible of DeLillo's early works.

The metaphor of football as warfare is challenged in the line "warfare is warfare."

Film adaptation

In 2007, Joshua director George Ratliff started pre-production on a feature film adaptation of End Zone. Josh Hartnett was announced for the role of Gary, with Sam Rockwell and Kat Dennings co-starring.[2] By 2010, the film was considered dead.

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