Is this the best book in the Twilgiht series or what?!

Comments? thoughts?

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My favorite so far of the Twilight series. Really nails the pain and joy of "choosing". The first book in the series to make me cry and beyond all the gushy actually has some modestly interesting literary elements like the symbolism of the motorcycles, and the not-so-hard-to-grasp themes of "fire and ice" and of course, game-changing eclipses. Now that bella has given up the part of her heart that yearns for the reckless/adventurous jake in favor of a rational/mature/overthinking Edward, can she really make the ultimate sacrifice of her humanity? On to book 4 :)

Don't get me wrong I love Eclipse but it was the book that stuck with me the least out of all the books. It had much needed information and some very good parts and it kept me interested the entire book just like all the others but still is not one that sticks with me at all times.