House Atreides

  • Paul Atreides, the Duke's son, and main character of the novel.
  • Duke Leto Atreides, head of House Atreides
  • Lady Jessica, Bene Gesserit and concubine of the Duke, mother of Paul and Alia
  • Alia Atreides, Paul's younger sister
  • Thufir Hawat, Mentat and Master of Assassins to House Atreides
  • Gurney Halleck, staunchly loyal troubadour warrior of the Atreides
  • Duncan Idaho, Swordmaster for House Atreides, graduate of the Ginaz School
  • Wellington Yueh, Suk doctor for the Atreides

House Harkonnen

  • Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, head of House Harkonnen
  • Piter De Vries, twisted Mentat
  • Feyd-Rautha, nephew and heir-presumptive of the Baron
  • Glossu "Beast" Rabban, also called Rabban Harkonnen, older nephew of the Baron
  • Iakin Nefud, Captain of the Guard

House Corrino

  • Shaddam Corrino IV, Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe (the Imperium)
  • Princess Irulan, Shaddam's eldest daughter and heir, also a historian
  • Count Hasimir Fenring, genetic eunuch and the Emperor's closest friend, advisor, and "errand boy"

Bene Gesserit

  • Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam, Bene Gesserit schemer, the Emperor's Truthsayer
  • Lady Margot Fenring, Bene Gesserit wife of Count Fenring


  • The Fremen, "native" inhabitants of Arrakis
  • Stilgar, Fremen Naib (chieftain) of Sietch Tabr
  • Chani, Paul's Fremen concubine
  • Liet-Kynes, the Imperial Planetologist on Arrakis and father of Chani, as well as a revered figure among the Fremen


  • Esmar Tuek, powerful smuggler who befriends and takes in Gurney Halleck and his surviving men after the attack on the Atreides

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