Dreams From My Father

Persons in the book

With the exception of family members and a handful of public figures, Barack Obama is open in the preface about using changed names for privacy reasons and created composite characters to expedite the narrative flow.[11] Some of his acquaintances have publicly admitted their real names, and various researchers have made suggestions as to some figures' real names:

Real life person Referred to in the book as
Salim Al Nurridin Rafiq[12]
Margaret Bagby Mona[13]
Hasan Chandoo Hasan[14]
Earl Chew Marcus[15]
Frank Marshall Davis Frank[16]
Joella Edwards Coretta[17]
Pal Eldredge Mr. Eldredge[18]
Mabel Hefty Miss Hefty[19]
Loretta Augustine Herron Angela[20]
Emil Jones Old Ward Boss[21]
Keith Kakugawa Ray[22]
Jerry Kellman Marty Kaufman[23]
Yvonne Lloyd Shirley[24]
Ronald Loui / Terrence Loui (composite) Frederick[25]
Wilfred Mitsuji Oka Freddy[26]
Greg Orme Scott[27]
Johnnie Owens Johnnie[28]
Sohale Siddiqi Sadik[14]
Mike Ramos Jeff[29]
Wally Whaley Smitty[30]

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