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Dracula Quizzes

by Bram Stoker

Dracula Quiz 1

1. Jonathan Harker is in Transylvania

  • doing research on vampire lore
  • to plan his honeymoon
  • studying history
  • for a business trip

2. In general, the people he meets, on learning that he is going to Dracula's castle

  • are afraid of him, and many of them try to shield their children's eyes from him
  • are curious, and many of them ask him questions about why he would go there
  • are afraid for him, and many of them try to give him charms to protect him
  • shun him coldly, and many of them spit in his direction

3. At Bistritz, the innkeeper's wife

  • tells him that it's Halloween soon, and he should be careful
  • warns him that tomorrow is St. George's day, and on the eve of St. George's day, forces of evil are at their strongest
  • reminds him that winter is coming, and the voyage to the castle may be difficult
  • warns him that the full moon is soon

4. Jonathan is meeting Dracula to

  • try and find lodging at the castle for his upcoming honeymoon
  • ask questions about local superstitions
  • ask questions about the history of Transylvania and Wallachia
  • help the Count to buy an estate in England

5. Dracula, when Jonathan first meets him, is

  • a young man
  • a middle-aged man
  • an old man
  • a teenage boy

6. The castle is surrounded by

  • wolves
  • moaning peasants
  • bats
  • a moat

7. While shaving, Jonathan realizes that

  • he has lost a lot of blood recently
  • the Count has no reflection
  • there are insects boring into his skin
  • the Count has been lying to him

8. After exploring the castle, Jonathan also soon realizes that

  • there are huge bat caves under the castle
  • the exits are locked, and he is a prisoner
  • there is a giant underwater passageway
  • all of the above

9. When Jonathan encounters the three vampire women, his feelings could best be described as

  • despair and loneliness
  • anger and fear
  • fear and desire
  • fear and sadness

10. Dracula is an epistolary novel. This means that

  • both the novel is religious in theme and the novel is in the third-person
  • the novel is religious in theme
  • the novel is in the third-person
  • the novel is composed of letters and journal entries

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