Doctor Faustus (Marlowe)

Discuss The attitude of God And Creation In Dr. Faustus?

About Dr. faustus

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This is a complex question. Faustus seeked to go beyond his mortal limits. He was tempted to know and do things with "Godlike abilities". Mephistopheles tempts Faustus with acquiring, what Faust believes to be, these abilities. Throughout the novel there is always the distinction between good and evil, between God and the devil. God is good and fallen man can continue because of his mercy. Faust ends up seeking to be a trickster more than anything else. He messes with God's creation and, when his time is up, is about to pay the Devil. Faust however repents and God, who ultimately created Faust, lets him off the hook. So, God is seen as the ultimate power of creation and destruction. He supersedes back deals with the Devil and can be compassionate, even with a guy like Faust.