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Dombey and Son

by Charles Dickens

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Characters in "Dombey and Son"

  • Mr Paul Dombey – the main character. Mr. Dombey is a widower with two children; however, he only considers his son, Paul, to be worthy of his attention. His daughter, Florence, is merely a "bad boy." Paul was to carry on the family name, but died of an illness that shattered Mr. Dombey's hopes for an heir. Dombey's neglect of his daughter Florence caused problems his second wife, Edith, whom he essentially purchased. Due to Edith's hatred for him and Dombey's misplaced trust in James Carker, Dombey loses his business and his wealth. Dombey finally realised that his daughter was the only person who truly cared for him, even when he had nothing left. He reconnects with Florence in his later years and gains an heir through his son-in-law.
  • Edith Granger – proud widowed daughter of Mrs Skewton, becomes second Mrs Dombey
  • Mrs Fanny Dombey – Mr Dombey's first wife, mother of Florence and Paul, dies soon after Paul is born
  • Master Paul Dombey (Little Dombey) – the son, is weak and often ill
  • Miss Florence (Floy) Dombey – the elder daughter whom Mr Dombey neglects. She marries Walter and has two children.
  • Mrs Louisa Chick – Mr Dombey's sister
  • Mr Chick – husband of Mrs Chick
  • Miss Lucretia Tox – friend of Mrs Chick, great admirer of Mr Dombey, and neighbour of Major Joseph Bagstock
  • James Carker (Mr Carker the Manager) – devious manager in Mr Dombey's business
  • John Carker (Mr Carker the Junior) – disgraced older brother of James, lower level employee in Dombey's business
  • Miss Harriet Carker – sister of James and John
  • Mr Morfin – assistant manager in Mr Dombey's business
  • Mr Perch – messenger in Mr Dombey's business
  • Solomon (Uncle Sol) Gills – ships' instrument maker and owner of the "Wooden Midshipman", a shop
  • Walter Gay – nephew of Gills, friend to Florence, employee of Mr Dombey, sent away by Carker the Manager
  • Captain Edward (Ned) Cuttle – retired hook-handed sea captain; friend of Solomon Gills
  • Major Joseph Bagstock (Josh, Joe, J.B., Old Joe) – conceited retired army major, admirer of Miss Tox, friend of Mr Dombey until his downfall
  • The Native - Bagstock's servant who comes from an unspecified country, presumably a British colony, and has 'no particular name'
  • Briggs – schoolmate of Paul's
  • Tozer – schoolmate of Paul's
  • Mr P. Toots – schoolmate of Paul's, later a dandy in love with Florence
  • The Game Chicken – rowdy companion of Mr Toots
  • Miss Susan Nipper – Florence's loyal nurse, later marries Mr. Toots
  • Mrs Skewton (Cleopatra) – Edith Dombey's infirm mother
  • Mr Toodle – a railway engineer
  • Polly Toodle (Richards) – wife of Mr Toodle, engaged as nurse to Paul under the name Mrs Richards (by Mr Dombey's order)
  • Robin Toodle (Rob the Grinder, Biler) – son of Mr Toodle and Polly, sent to Charitable Grinders school, later engaged in service to Captain Cuttle and Mr Carker the Manager
  • Good Mrs Brown – an elderly rag dealer
  • Alice – daughter of Brown, former lover of Carker's, recently returned from transportation
  • Jack Bunsby – commander of a ship, and regarded as an oracle by Captain Cuttle; eventually wedded to Mrs MacStinger
  • Mrs MacStinger – Captain Cuttle's landlady and nemesis
  • Mrs Pipchin – stern widow who keeps an 'infantine Boarding-House of a very select description' in Brighton, where Paul is sent for his health
  • Master Bitherstone – a fellow-boarder at Mrs. Pipchin's, much later a student at Doctor Blimber's
  • Miss Pankey – a fellow-boarder at Mrs. Pipchin's
  • Sir Barnet Skettles –
  • Lady Skettles –
  • Master Skettles – Brighton school pupil
  • Doctor Blimber – runs a school in Brighton which Paul briefly attends
  • Mrs Blimber – Doctor Blimber's wife
  • Miss Cornelia Blimber – Doctor Blimber's daughter, teacher at the school, later married to Mr Feeder
  • Mr Feeder, B.A. – Doctor Blimber's assistant, teacher at the school and later its owner
  • Diogenes (Di) – A dog from the school, befriended by Paul and adopted by Florence after Paul's death

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