IMPORTANT. PLEASE ANWSER: What important situations does Tris encounter in chapters 8-14? Why are they important?

In chapters 8-14 does Tris encouter any situations that affect her life in any way? Does she meet new and why are they important? BASICALLY, WHAT SIGNIFICANT HAPPENS IN CHAPTERS 8-14 AND WHY IS IT SIGNIFICANT TO TRIS? 

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You should easily able to pull them out from the short summary in Gradesaver below. I included chapter 8 and 9. 

Tris wants to talk to her about her Divergence, but Tori refuses, and instead offers Tris a tattoo. Tris agrees, and selects three ravens to represent each member of her family. She positions them on her collarbone, flying straight towards her heart.

In training the next day, Four announces that since there is an odd number of transfer initiates, Tris won't be fighting.