Based on the novel (Disgrace), according to your analysis what events led to the climax of the novel?

Your analysis

Events that led to the climax of the novel

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During the rising action, we learn that David Lurie is a Communications professor at Cape Town Technical University. He has been twice divorced, has one child, and currently spends ninety minutes of his Thursday afternoons with a prostitute named Soraya. After Lurie crosses the line by phoning Soraya at her home, he turns to one of his students to fulfill his desires. Lurie first notices Melanie in the university gardens and invites her to his home for wine and dinner. That very same night, Melanie is almost caught in Lurie's web of seduction until he quotes a cliché Shakespeare line, and she quickly leaves. Lurie does not stop his pursuits there however. Over the weekend, he travels to campus and uses the University's records to find her address and phone number. Startled at his call, Melanie agrees to have lunch with him. They return to his house and have sex on the living room floor. Young Melanie is passive throughout the majority of the act but Lurie on the other hand attains sensory overload and falls asleep on top of her. The next class is awkward, and later that night Lurie spies on her while she is rehearsing for a play. The very next afternoon Lurie arrives at Melanie's flat, pushes himself in and carries her to the bed. She does not resist and asks him to leave after he is finished because her cousin is coming. She misses the mid-term the next day and arrives at his house sobbing that night needing a place to stay. The climax of the novel takes place when Melanie's boyfriend pays the professor a visit and prior events begin to snowball. Melanie withdraws from all her classes and a sexual harassment case is filed again Professor Lurie.