Other Characters

  • Lizaveta Nikolaevna Tushin (Liza) is a lively, beautiful, intelligent and wealthy young woman, the daughter of Varvara Petrovna's friend Praskovya Drozdova. She is another former pupil of Stepan Trofimovich. She has become ambiguously involved with Stavrogin after their encounter in Switzerland and seems to oscillate between deep love and profound hatred for him. She is resentful and suspicious of Dasha's strange intimacy with him, and is extremely anxious to understand the nature of his connection to Marya Lebyadkina during the time when the marriage is still a secret. Liza becomes engaged to her cousin Mavriky Nikolaevich, but remains fixated on Stavrogin even after he openly acknowledges his marriage.
  • Darya Pavlovna (Dasha) is Shatov's sister, the protégé of Varvara Petrovna, and for a short time the fiancé of Stepan Trofimovich. She is the reluctant confidant and "nurse" of Stavrogin.
  • Captain Lebyadkin is the former officer whose sister is secretly married to Stavrogin. He receives payments from Stavrogin for her care, but he mistreats her and squanders the money on himself. He considers himself a poet and frequently quotes his own verses. He is loud, indiscreet, and almost always drunk. Although in awe of Stavrogin, he is a constant threat to maintaining the secrecy of the marriage. He is unwillingly involved in Pyotr Stepanovich's plans, and his inept attempts to extract himself via approaches to the authorities are another cause of his eventual murder.
  • Marya Timofeevna Lebyadkina is Captain Lebyadkin's sister and is married to Nikolai Stavrogin. Though childlike, mentally fragile and confused, she frequently demonstrates a deeper insight into what is going on, and has many of the attributes of a "holy fool".[34]
  • Fedka the Convict is an escaped convict who is suspected of several thefts and murders in the town. He was originally a serf belonging to Stepan Trofimovich, but was sold into the army to help pay his master's gambling debts. He is willing to murder for money and Pyotr Stepanovich seeks to take advantage of this. It is Fedka who murders Stavrogin's wife and her brother Lebyadkin, at the instigation of Pyotr Stepanovich. Stavrogin himself initially opposes the murder, but his later actions suggest a kind of passive consent.
  • Andrey Antonovich von Lembke is the Governor of the province and one of the principal targets of Pyotr Stepanovich in his quest for societal breakdown. Although a good and conscientious man he is completely incapable of responding effectively to Pyotr Stepanovich's Machiavellian machinations. Estranged from his wife, who has unwittingly become a pawn in the conspirators' game, he descends into a mental breakdown as events get increasingly out of control.
  • Julia Mikhaylovna von Lembke is the Governor's wife. Her vanity and liberal ambition are exploited by Pyotr Stepanovich for his revolutionary aims. The conspirators succeed in transforming her Literary Fete for the benefit of poor governesses into a scandalous farce. Dostoyevsky's depiction of the relationship between Pyotr Stepanovich and Julia Mikhaylovna had its origins in a passage from Nechayev's Catechism where revolutionaries are instructed to consort with liberals "on the basis of their own program, pretending to follow them blindly" but with the purpose of compromising them so that they can be "used to provoke disturbances."[35]

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