Dead Poets Society Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    What do you think about Mr Keating's teaching methods? Is it a good way to teach the boys, considering their age and apparent immaturiy?

    Mr Keating's teaching methods are very unusual and goes against the convntional values at that time. It encourages student to think for themselves. His methods are also risky, as it is rather experimental and untested when he applies this to the boys. However, only time can tell if it is a suitable way to teach the boys. Sadly Keating was expelled so soon.

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    The viewer is constantly reminded of the motto carpe diem. Is Neil's interpretation of these words correct or wrong?

    The motto carpe diem may be slightly misguiding—literally it means "seize the day". The immature mind may become hash in his/her judgement. Neil's interpretation is very radical, and this displays how dangerous language can be when not used correctly.

  3. 3

    Has Mr Keating made a mistake by encouraging boys to start secret meetings?

    Yes. Mr Keating, by encouraging boys to conduct unsanctioned sessions, leaves the immature boys unattended. Their minds might wander; sinister ideas may fester in the exchange of unfiltered conversation of the boys. This can lead to dangerous actions.

  4. 4

    As mentioned in an exchange between Mr Keting and another teacher of the school, there are "realists" and there are "artists". What is the difference between them?

    A realist is more pragmatic and more attuned to the current situation of society. An artists is relatively more idealistic, independent and unfettered.

  5. 5

    Opinion: Do you think that the students have betrayed Mr Keating? Are there any choices left?

    No. We must bear in mind that the students are in school, where discipline is of utmost importance. Instead, Mr Keating should turn himself in. He could have spared the students and himself the long and painful and cease making students feel guilty of "betraying" him. Obedience is one of the most important virtues of students, and I believe the students are doing the right thing.

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