David Copperfield


Why did David feel that he was very wicked?

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David felt wicked because of his excitement over the adventures and opportunities that awaited him in London.

What an amazing place London was to me when I saw it in the distance, and how I believed all the adventures of all my favourite heroes to be constantly enacting and re-enacting there, and how I vaguely made it out in my own mind to be fuller of wonders and wickedness than all the cities of the earth, I need not stop here to relate.


David Copperfield

David met Steerforth in London and they were delighted to see each other.They spent a great time together . David told steerforth that he wants to visit peggoty as she treated him well when he was a child . They went together to peggoty. Peggoty didnot recognize but then she remembered him and was delighted tosee him. After that they went to the Peggoty's family and daniel announced that Emily has accepted to marry Ham. They left the peggoty's family and steerforth felt that Ham wasnot suitable for Emily. David met his aunt his london and she asked him about his opinion of becoming a lawyer . David agreed on that and they went to Mr. spenlow to train David. Miss betsy also rented a house for David. David felt lonely in his rented house so he invited steerfoth and two of his friend to dinner. They ate and drank and smoked.They went to the theatre and David saw Agnes.David felt so ill and the next morning he felt even worse because agnes saw him drunk. Agnes sent him a note to visit her at her house to warn him to stay away from Steerforth.She also told David that Uriah heep will become Mr.wickfield's partner and she feelt so miserable