Cassia Reyes - Cassia has been sent voluntarily to a work camp to find Ky. When she escapes camp, along with her friend, Indie, they are sent to the Outer provinces, kahless the area where Ky has been sent. Cassia and Indie set out on a journey to find both Ky, and any evidence of a rebellion or rising against the society.

Ky Markham - Ky was taken from his home violently in the last novel. Now we find Ky in a labor camp, trying to stay alive. He befriends another boy, Vick, and together they escape their own camp. They set out to find Cassia and the mysterious society that Ky used to know of as a child, the farmers.

Indie - Cassia's friend from camp who helps her escape. Although Cassia trusts Indie, she is mysterious, sneaky, and possibly dishonest. Indie wants to find the rebellion and join; this is why she has stayed with Cassia.

Vick - Ky's friend from camp who escapes with him. Vick is caring and compassionate, but also very secretive and seemingly stoic.

Eli - A young boy whom Ky takes with him when he escapes from camp, because he reminds him of Cassia's younger brother, Bram. Eli is younger and weaker than Ky and Vick, but he manages to keep up with them and aid them when possible.

Hunter - a farmer from the carving, a mountain range in the Outer Provinces. Hunter has just lost his only daughter, and is now trying to find the other farmers on their trek to someplace safe.

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