Crime and Punishment

Film adaptations

There have been over 25 film adaptations of Crime and Punishment. They include:

  • Raskolnikow (aka Crime and Punishment) (1923, directed by Robert Wiene)
  • Crime and Punishment (1935, starring Peter Lorre, Edward Arnold and Marian Marsh)
  • Eigoban Tsumi to Batsu (1953, manga by Tezuka Osamu, under his interpretation)
  • Crime and Punishment (1970 film) (Soviet film, 1970, starring Georgi Taratorkin, Tatyana Bedova, Vladimir Basov, Victoria Fyodorova) dir. Lev Kulidzhanov
  • Rikos ja Rangaistus (1983; Crime and Punishment), the first movie by the Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki, with Markku Toikka in the lead role. The story has been transplanted to modern-day Helsinki, Finland.
  • Elu Suttina Kote (1987 Kannada film starring Ambareesh, Ramesh Aravind and Gautami Tadimalla), an Indian Kannada-language film which is primarily based on the novel. Few differences can be noted such as the lead actor wants to surrender to police however is said persuaded by his lover not to do so as there is no evidence. In the climax, the lead actor goes running himself to the police when he sees him on the way promising her that he will return with a clear conscience. Although this was an intellectual film with good expectations, it did not see huge commercial success as other films where Ambareesh was the lead actor.
  • Crime and Punishment in Suburbia (2000, an adaptation set in modern America and "loosely based" on the novel)
  • Crime and Punishment (2002 film), 2002, starring Crispin Glover and Vanessa Redgrave.
  • Crime and Punishment was a 2002 television serial produced by the BBC, starring John Simm as Raskolnikov and Ian McDiarmid as Porfiry Petrovich.
  • Match Point (2005), a film by Woody Allen borrows many elements from the novel, in fact it is loosely based on it (although the main character ends up free). In the movie the name of Dostoyevsky is referred to in several occasions.
  • Crime and Punishment (2007 Russian TV serial) was a 2007 television serial directed by Dmitry Svetozarov starring Vladimir Koshevoy as Raskolnikov.
  • Classic Alice embarked on a 6-episode arc in 2014 that covered Crime & Punishment. It was the series' first book.

When Crime and Punishment came up in an interview, Alfred Hitchcock told French director Francois Truffaut that he would never consider filming it. Hitchcock explained that he could make a great film out of a good book, and even (or especially) a mediocre book, but never a great book, because the film would always suffer by comparison.

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