Coming Through Slaughter

Notable places and events

  • Storyville - the brothel district was where one made and lost money; there were over 2000 prostitutes, 70 professional gamblers, and 30 piano players
  • Oyster Dance - naked woman would dance alone on stage to piano music; best was Olivia
  • N. Joseph’s Shaving Parlor - barber shop where Buddy Bolden worked; many customers and visitors sat talking and drinking in there; the shop closed at four and Bolden slept because he would get drunk by then and not be able to cut hair well
  • The Cricket - “spiders” would come with news for The Cricket to the barber shop in the first hour or so of opening; existed between 1899 and 1905; took in and published all the information Buddy could find; it respected stray facts, maniac theories, and well-told lies; studied broken marriages, gossip about jazzmen, and a servant’s memoirs; contained excessive reference to death
  • Shell Beach - the last place Buddy went before he disappeared; he was playing with Crawley
  • Slaughter - the last town Buddy passed through before being committed to the mental institution

(these characters/places/things came directly from novel)

In 2006, Variety reported that Ben Ross was adapting Coming Through Slaughter for the screen.[1]

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