Cold Sassy Tree

what are 5 examples of change and explain how the various changes affect the characters’ lives.

i need 5 different things that changed throughout the book and how the people handled the changes

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Will is effected by Mattie Lou's death in the beginning of the novel, the possiblity of his own death, and finally Rucker's death. These changes cause him to question life and whether or not God intereres with life.

The felling of the "Cold Sassy" tree brings a sense of loss to the community, even as it brings change in the form of modern transportation.


The gift of a record player brings Miss Love's family closer together

Homes have telephones........ communication is at a high point

Cars and railways link the town to the outside world

Finally, friendships bring about change. Cold Sassy Tree is a small southern town. It fights against change and holds onto the values of the old south. Townspeople don't like outsiders, don't mingle outside of their own social status, and certainly don't befriend northerners. Will's friendship with Miss Love turns things upside down, but the change it brings is well worth that shaking heads!


Cold Sassy Tree