City of Ashes Metaphors and Similes

City of Ashes Metaphors and Similes

Valentine’s arrow (Metaphor)

Valentine is a clever person, and all people are divided into two types for him: the first type is his enemies; the second one is people who can be useful for profits. Such people are weapons. He never spares his friends, wife and uses them for the sake of his benefits and the highest aim. And of course, Jace is also his weapon. He is an arrow, which is pointed at Conclave heart. He is Valentine’s arrow. And if the father is ready to sacrifice his son’s life, it means that he is a heartless father.

Lying love (Metaphor)

Love is the highest feeling in this vampire novel and sometimes personages are ready to do everything for the sake of love. Jace always wants to say Clary that he hates her. But actually he tells lies, because he doesn’t want to prevent Simon’s feelings. Alec, Jace’s brother, hides his relations with Magnus. Alec deceives his family all the time and that’s why Magnus wants to tell the truth. But nobody of them determines to tell their secrets. Love forces people to lie. The Queen of the Seelie Court is right that “love makes people liars”.

Two Diamonds (Simile)

In the beginning of this novel the reader can find the appearance of the main demon Agramon. Elias calls him across the words and notices “two eyes hanging in the shadow like jewels caught in a spider’s web”. Demons eyes are very bright and everybody can see them in the far distance. Besides, the comparison with spider provides a rather dreadful impression of something really evil and sinister.

True family (Simile)

Jace, Isabelle and Alec are three best friends. And despite the fact that Jace is a stepbrother of Isabelle and Alec, “the three of them working together in perfect unison, the way they always had. Like family”. They are inseparable friends on all occasions and support each other under any circumstances.

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