City of Ashes Imagery

City of Ashes Imagery

Cozy peaceful place

Clary always likes to spend her time with Simon in his house. “Here in Simon’s house, in his bedroom, she feels comfortable” and at ease. The atmosphere is boyish there. There are “a bed shaped like a fire truck and LEGOs piled in a corner of the room”. And “the walls are plastered with posters of bands like Rock Solid Panda and Stepping Razor. And a computer is in the other corner, the screen is an image from World of Warcraft”. It is almost “as familiar as being in Clary’s own bedroom at home- which no longer existed”, so at least this is the next best thing. Home atmosphere is important, as it gives a feeling of security and tenderness.

Courageous and amorous eyes

Simon is head over heels in love with Clary. She raises her eyes to his and sees Simon’s eyes are “the color of black coffee—not really black, but a rich brown without a touch of gray or hazel”. He looks at Clary’s eyes with tenderness. “There might have been an extra touch of confidence in the way he held himself since the day he’d killed Abbadon, the Greater Demon; but there was also wariness about him, as if he were waiting or watching for something”. This gaze shows Simon’s boldness and infatuation simultaneously.

The Marble Cemetery

This place is frightening and mysterious for Clary. Firstly, she notices “the names carved into the walls in the cemetery: Youngblood, Fairchild, Thrushcross, Nightwine, Ravenscar. There are runes beside them”. Then she sees a beautiful statue of the Angel. “The grass grows tangled over the feet of the Angel statue in the courtyard’s center. The Angel’s eyes are closed, his slim hands closes over the stem of a stone goblet, a reproduction of the Mortal Cup. His stone face is impassive, streaked with dirt and grime”. The Marble Cemetery enchants Clary with its enigmatic beauty.

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