Chinese Cinderella

in chinese cinderella what was aunt baba's and ye ye motivating factors for adeline?

like what was there roll that they played in this story how did they motivat adeline through out her life

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Both of them want to see Adeline succeed. They dislike the constant discrimination and scorn with which her family treats her. A devout Buddhist, Ye Ye maintains a moral compass unseen in the rest of the family. Ye Ye's relationship with his grandchildren is slight, except in the case of Adeline whom he views as "different." He supports her as best he can, telling Adeline that she has the talent to break out of her unfortunate cycle. The eldest daughter of Ye Ye and Nai Nai, Aunt Baba is described as "meek, shy and unmarried," wholly dependent on her younger brother--Adeline's father--financially. Tasked with taking care of Adeline, the two develop a close bond due to their position as the unwanted and powerless members of the family. Aunt Baba provides encouragement for Adeline to pursue her dreams, a decision that causes her to lose favor in the eyes of Niang. A constant source of patience and rationality in the tumultuous world of this novel, her separation from Adeline furthers the latter's loneliness and forces her to become more self-reliant. Indeed, the dynamics between Aunt Baba and Adeline and Aunt Baba and Niang serve as the driving factors of the story.