Charlotte's Web


  • Wilbur is a rambunctious pig, the runt of his litter. He is often strongly emotional.
  • Charlotte A. Cavatica, or simply Charlotte, is a spider who befriends Wilbur. In some passages she is the heroine of the story.[2]
  • John Arable: Wilbur's first owner.
  • Fern Arable, John's daughter, who adopts Wilbur in his infancy, and later visits him. She is the only human in the story capable of understanding nonhuman conversation.
  • Templeton is a rat who helps Charlotte and Wilbur only when offered food. He serves as a somewhat caustic, self-serving comic relief to the plot.
  • Avery Arable is the elder brother of Fern. Like Templeton, he is a source of comic relief.
  • Homer Zuckerman is Fern’s uncle who keeps Wilbur in his barn. He has a wife, Edith, and an assistant named Lurvy.
  • Other animals in Zuckerman’s barn, with whom Wilbur converses, are a disdainful lamb, a talkative goose, and an intelligent "old sheep".
  • Henry Fussy is a boy of Fern’s age, of whom Fern becomes fond of.
  • Dr. Dorian is the family physician/psychologist consulted by Fern's mother, and something of a wise old man character.
  • Uncle is a large pig whom Charlotte disdains for coarse manners and Wilbur’s rival at the fair.

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