Charles Baudelaire: Poems

The " Song Autumn 1 " is another poem by Baudelaire that I am asking someone to analze please

read Charles Bardelaire's poems

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The song is really a ballad; Baudelaire is grieving humanities lack of benevolence from one person to another, the deterioration of relationships. and the isolation that has thus been imposed. Nature figures prominently in his imagery;

the summer light is eclipsed by chilly fogs-

trees, the symbol of life have toppled and fallen-

the sun over the north pole is red and bloodied (hell), whereas the sun in the heavens gives us energy and life-

the narrator's heart will be a red and frozen block like the north pole-

it is a lifeless existence.

The 3rd stanza represents the destruction of man's spirit; lifeless logs symbolize the men who've built empires, the foundation of great nations, only to see the spirit of those men crumble as they destroy one another.

Logs are then used again as battering rams to destroy the towers we've built, and then comes the final image of the coffin which represents death; social death mind you, as humanity sinks ever lower into a state of apathy.

throughout the ballad we envision humanity's loss. It is gradual and marked by the seasons of nature.

"Summer represents warmth, compassion, and life toward humanity; Baudelaire notes that "our summers are too short!" (line 2). Winter symbolizes the "hate, anger, horror, chills, the hard forced work" while autumn is decadence and power (line 6). According to Baudelaire, man is in between seasons, as shown in the following statements: "Yesterday was summer. Now autumn knocks" (line 15). If man is not in a state of life or decay, man is in limbo. This line implicitly states that man has a chance to change course. However, without that change, man will face autumn and winter." (1)



The Song of Autumn focused on the speakers feelings toward his life anxieties and negativities which give him an idea of becoming so attached to the spleen side of the world. As described in the first stanza "Soon we will plunge into the cold-darkness"It's clear that in his mind, we are all included in this situation that the nature's end is near and he sees a lot situational problems.

In this poem it evolves only in 3 seasons wherein there is a vey short time for enjoyment (summer) and autumn is the longest part which represent the current physical and mental state of the poet. He himself tells how he had faced his axieties. The whole winter enters the state of having pain throughout his life being chilly and gloomy season.

In this poem, the speaker expresses a lot of immaturity, a lot of negative forces which will makes other people's state of mind downfall into a rocks. Misguided with this kind of negativity will not flourish the mindset of the readers. However, if this poem could be extracted in a positive way it could be one of the reasons to gain the natures enjoyment.

Baudelaire,reiterated the role of a mother to her son, to love tenderly and be a mother all the time. Bitterness is the dominant attitude express in the sixth stanza wherein he express his selfishness toward his mother. On the other hand, Baudelaire did not pay attention on how to understand the feelings of others instead he focused only on what he gets rather than what he can give