Charles Baudelaire: Poems

Can someone please analyze the poem "Correspondences" for me its's from the Charles Baudelaire's volume"The Flowers of Evil"

read Charles Baudelaire's poems

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In Correspondences Baudelaire unveils the connection between nature and the world's mysteries. He intertwines colors, scents, and sounds in order to form imagery.......... almost like a painter on canvas.

Rhetoric is used to represent sensory experiences, words and names; musk, ambergris, rich, and full; connect the reader to themselves. It's the things we know combined with those things we can imagine.

Baudelaire (in my interpretation), is reflecting on the fact that we are Nature, considering itself. We are often lost in our "modern world" or human world because we forget that we are just another part of Nature. If we stop to consider this fact, we can gain not only a better understanding of Nature but ourselves as well.