Catching Fire

Where are the games held this year?

In an outdoor arena, but a dome is protected. Katniss tried to get out by using golden coil, and the lightening tree.

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The games are held in a clock-shaped stadium.


Clockshaped stadium

Held in a clockshaped stadium.

Clockshaped stadium. At one point in the novel/movie, Wiress, (a woman from district something) is in shock after a blood rain with tributes Johanna Mason, and Beetee and of course Wiress. Johanna, the tribute from district 7, calls Beetee and Wiress "Nuts" and "Volts".

They are held in a clock shaped arena. In the introduction on the movie, Katniss recalls this Hunger Games being "the deadliest Hunger Games". Every 25 years they hold a deadly Hunger Games.

Yes but although this may be true, what if it was in the same arena? I mean, they can't force all tributes to go into different arenas if they win again right?