Cards on the Table

International titles

  • Arabic: الورق على الطاولة (Cards on the Table)
  • Bulgarian: Карти на масата /Karti na masata/ (Cards on the table)
  • Czech: Karty na stole (Cards on the Table)
  • Dutch: Poirot speelt bridge (Poirot Plays Bridge)
  • Estonian Kaardid laual(Cards on the Table), Kaardid lauale(Cards onto the Table)
  • Farsi: ورق‌ها روی میز (Cards on the Table)
  • Finnish: Kortit pöydällä (Cards on the Table)
  • French: Cartes sur table (Cards on the Table)
  • German: "Mit offenen Karten" (Play With An Open Hand) (since 1954), first edition in 1938: Karten auf den Tisch (Cards On The Table)
  • Greek: "Ο Μπαλαντέρ του θανάτου" (The Joker of Death)
  • Hungarian: Hercule Poirot ismét munkában (Hercule Poirot at Work Again), Nyílt kártyákkal (Cards on the Table)
  • Japanese: ひらいたトランプ (Open Cards)
  • Indonesian: Kartu-kartu di Meja (Cards on the Table)
  • Italian: Carte in tavola (Cards on the Table)
  • Lithuanian: Kortas ant stalo (Open cards, Cards on the Table)
  • Macedonian: Отворени карти (Open cards, Cards on the Table)
  • Norwegian: Kortene på bordet (Cards on the Table)
  • Polish: Karty na stół (Cards on the Table)
  • Portuguese: Cartas na Mesa (Cards on the Table)
  • Romanian: Cu cărţile pe masă (Cards on the Table)
  • Russian: Карты на стол (=Karty na stol, Cards on the Table), Карты на столе (=Karty na stole, Cards on the Table)
  • Spanish: Cartas Sobre la Mesa (Cards on the Table)
  • Turkish: Briç masasında cinayet (Murder at the Bridge table)
  • Swedish: Korten på Bordet (Cards on the Table)

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