Bless Me, Ultima

who haunted antonio's nightmares, and why?

in bless me ultima who haunted antonio's nightmares, and why?

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In Antonio’s nightmare, his mind uses its own symbolism to portray images and thoughts that relate to the conflict in his life about religion, to his many fears, and to his trust and admiration of a character called Ultima.....

Antonio’s parents are arguing over what Antonio’s religion and way of life should be like. Antonio’s mother, portrayed standing on the moon with the holy water of the church, wants him to become a priest and worship the one and only God. His father, portrayed standing on the barren shore of the lake, wants him to let the llano and the will to wander like the water of the sea control his life. Also, the mysterious golden carp, portrayed swimming in the lake with the people it has saved from the evil Mermaid of the lake, is not trying to persuade Antonio to be a believer in him but is present because of the question in Antonio’s mind of, “Am I a believer in the story?” (119). Antonio is confused about which religion or path in life to take after hearing the story of the golden carp from his friend Cico previously and knowing that his father and mother are believers in different ideals. “Oh please tell me which is the water that runs through my veins…” (120). This nightmare also shows many of Antonio’s deep dark fears.

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