Bless Me, Ultima

How does Antonio change from the beginning of the novel to the end of the novel?

More than 3 examples that are beyond the obvious please

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The novel is presented as a coming-of-age story in which the protagonist grows and develops as he experiences the tragedies of life. Another important theme of the novel is the question of sin and morality and the loss of innocence. At the beginning of the novel, Antonio is only six years old and very much a child in terms of understanding and innocence. Over the course of the novel, however, Antonio is exposed to events that force him to lose his innocence: the death of Lupito by the river, Narciso’s murder by Tenorio, Florence’s accidental drowning, and Ultima’s death. Antonio must learn to reconcile this loss of innocence in order to become a man and follow his own path in life. Eventually, he is able to overcome his anxieties and realizes that a life of faith and a life of action are not mutually exclusive. Because this loss of innocence is a crucial element of the novel and Antonio’s development as a character, the novel would not be as successful if he were older. Antonio’s older brothers are already beyond this age of self-awareness, and it is important that Antonio is both self-aware and susceptible to change as an individual.