Bless Me, Ultima

How did Ultima describe the Luna and Márez families?

bless me ultimaand

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Antonio asks Ultima to explain why his father’s family is so different from his mother’s family. Ultima asserts that the differences in the family have to do with their blood: it is in the blood of the Lunas to be quiet like the moon, and it is in the blood of the Lunas to be wild like the ocean. Considering the contrasts in his family, Antonio wonders which type of life he will choose to live, and he and Ultima fall into silence. Since his brothers have proven to be too Marez in blood to be a Luna, Antonio is expected to make up for their shortcomings; in other words, the Lunas feel that they are owed one of Maria’s sons and, since the elder three have resisted, Antonio is the only remaining possibility for them. This conflict also highlights Antonio’s understanding that his brothers may have already lost of innocence when his Luna uncles assert that Antonio is the only brother not yet “lost.”