Editions are available in English, Catalan, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Czech, Polish, Slovenian, Greek, Serbian, Norwegian and Portuguese. Additionally, the English, Serbian and Dutch[23] versions were available in a limited-edition hardcover volume and Polish was available with special cover jacket for those who preordered the book. There is also an accompanying soundtrack, recorded by the Portland, Oregon-based band, Tracker. The French, Spanish and Italian editions all have different cover art. The first Italian edition has a red spine, while subsequent editions have a blue one.

  • Blankets (English paperback edition) ISBN 1-891830-43-0, Top Shelf Productions
  • Blankets - Manteau de Neige (French edition) ISBN 2-203-39608-3, Casterman, March 2004
  • Blankets (Spanish edition) ISBN 84-95825-63-5, Astiberri Ediciones, April 2004
  • Blankets (Catalan edition) ISBN 84-95825-67-8 Astiberri Ediciones, April 2004
  • Blankets (German edition) ISBN 3-936068-96-8, Speed Comics, May 2004
  • Een Deken Van Sneeuw (Dutch edition) ISBN 90-5492-119-6, Oog & Blik, May 2004
  • Blankets (Italian edition) ISBN 88-88063-97-8, Coconino Press, November 2004
  • Pod dekou (Czech edition) ISBN 80-7341-603-4, BB Art, November 2005
  • Blankets. Pod śnieżną kołderką (Polish edition) ISBN 83-922963-7-0, Timof i Cisi Wspólnicy, December 2006
  • Blankets (Greek edition) ISBN 960-89453-5-6, Εκδόσεις ΚΨΜ, March 2007
  • Tepper (Norwegian edition) ISBN 978-82-429-3051-4 Egmont Serieforlaget AS, 2006
  • Retalhos (Brazilian edition) ISBN 978-85-359-1448-1 Cia das Letras, 2009
  • Blankets (Portuguese edition) ISBN 978-989-559-199-2 Biblioteca da Alice, 2011
  • En dyne af sne (Danish edition) ISBN 978-87-90370-65-7 Forlaget Fahrenheit, 2008
  • 담요 (Korean edition) ISBN 9788990641878, 박여영 번역, 미메시스, 2012
  • Blankets. Ispod pokrivača (Serbian edition) ISBN 978-8687919396, Komiko, 2014

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