Atlas Shrugged

where is the scene where a giant banner is strung between two skyscrapers in New York City re:" Brother you asked for it".

On Google it said Chapter 25,which would be Part 3,Chapter 5.

Thank you.

Does anyone remember Ed Nash from Chicago ?

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This is chapter 25

The first section begins with Taggart's nervous anticipation of the announcement of the nationalization of d'Anconia Copper, whilst the pitiful state the nation has succumbed to is expounded upon: how "pull peddlers" in every possible concern--transportation, steel, wage-raise, suspended sentence--have replaced competent men, dynamic like their predecessors, but also unseemly, like that which breeds, feeds, and moves upon the stillness of corpses--parasites. The news arrives that on the moment of the official nationalization of d'Anconia Copper, the company--each of its ports--had simultaneously committed suicide, the workers having long been evaluated and paid. Francisco would later leave a message asserting the exact conscious knowledge of what he had done, replacing the 1984-like calander on the towers of New York with the line "Brother, you asked for it!"


The copper crisis is coming to a head at Taggart Transcontinental in Chapter V, “Their Brothers’ Keeper,” with the shortage of wire causing havoc with electrical equipment and telecommunications. The problem is starting to cause a panic when on September 2nd d’Anconia Copper is nationalized. As with the Mexican nationalization of d’Anconia San Sebastian mine, there is nothing valuable left in the company. At the stroke of midnight, the great lighted calendar which is projected on a large screen in New York does not change to the date but rather to the message, “Brother you asked for it! Francisco Domingo Carlos Andres Sebastian d’Anconia” (925). Francisco has disappeared, and has told the world that he has destroyed d’Anconia Copper on purpose. Panic in the financial markets ensues.


Thank You very much for all of your help.And how faulty my memory was.

Frank Mezek

You're welcome! But don't think I didn't have to dig around...... my memory can be pretty faulty too!