Atlantia Irony

The Ceremony

Rio has always wanted to go Above, but it is Bay who ends up doing this during the Cermony of the Divide. Though the emotion evoked by this scene is far from humorous, it is rather ironic in that it is directly contrary to expectations.

Maire's Nevio Impersonation

When Maire narrates the history of the sirens, she adopts a voice that mimics Nevio's: "The voice she uses to tell me the history is a quiet but perfect parody and put-on of Nevio's voice when he sermonizes, his speaking mannerisms exaggerated just enough to make it ridiculous" (118).

Not only is it ironic that Maire (one of the most powerful and dangerous sirens in Atlantia) would imitate the Minister, Maire also chooses to do this while relaying the secret history of the sirens, which Minister Nevio would like to keep quiet.

At Maire's Door

Becasuse Oceana was found at Maire's door the night she died, Rio has always suspected that her aunt might have had something to do with her mother's death. However, Maire reveals that it was actually the Council who poisoned Oceana, and she went to Maire's door because she knew Maire was the only one she could truly trust. Contrary to Rio's first impression, Oceana's death at Maire's door was not a sign that Maire killed her, but instead a sign of how much Oceana trusted Maire.

Nevio the Betrayer

Nevio orchestrates the betrayal of the sirens, giving them up to the people of the Above. He also refers to them as unnatural creatures, which is ironic considering that he is a siren himself.