Argonauts of the Western Pacific


The book consists of twenty-two chapters divided into six distinct sections. General summaries of each section are included below.

  • Introduction: Malinowski's famous general statement of the aims of ethnography
  • Chapters I-III: setting the scene and sketching the structure; from the broad survey of Kula District (I) to intensive fieldwork (II-III); "native" life (II), structural overview of the kula (III)
  • Chapters IV-XVI: the kula by example; "a consecutive narrative" from the earliest preparations of canoe-building through extended voyaging from Sinaketa to Dobu and back
  • Chapters XVII-XVIII: on magic and language
  • Chapters XIX-XXI: three permutations of basic kula pattern: the inland kula (XIX), a Kiriwina-Kitava expedition (XX), and "the remaining branches and offshoots of the kula" (XXI)
  • Chapter XXII: a summary statement of "the meaning of the kula"[1]

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