Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

Main characters

  • Margaret Simon – Protagonist of the book. She is 12 years old, an only child, and is starting the 6th grade. She's just starting puberty and noticing boys, plus she's uncertain of which religion she prefers to follow.
  • Barbara Simon (Hutchins) – Margaret's stay-at-home mother, who is Christian.
  • Herbert Simon – Margaret's father, an insurance salesman, who is Jewish.
  • Sylvia Simon – Margaret's grandmother and Herbert's mother. She refers to Margaret as "my Margaret" or her "Jewish girl". She is trying to convert Margaret to Judaism.
  • Nancy Wheeler – Margaret's neighbor and her first new friend in Farbrook, NJ.
  • Gretchen Potter – A friend of Nancy whose father is a doctor, and is a member of the Four PTS's.
  • Janie Loomis – Another girl in the Four PTS's with Nancy, Gretchen, and Margaret. She inevitably is the last of the four to get her period.
  • Evan Wheeler – Nancy's older brother.
  • Moose Freed – Evan's friend and a boy Margaret takes a great interest in.
  • Miles J. Benedict Jr. – Margaret's sixth grade teacher who is in his first year as a teacher.
  • Laura Danker – A classmate of Margaret's who is tall and very developed for her age.
  • Phillip Leroy – A classmate of Margaret whom she initially likes.
  • Mary and Paul Hutchins – Barbara's estranged parents, who all but disowned her for marrying outside her religion.

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