Anne of Green Gables Irony

Anne of Green Gables Irony

Hopes for better way of things

After having read a book, in which the main character has a lot of life problems, Anne signs with words “Well, that is another hope gone. My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes” describing her situation in such a manner. But it is just ironic sing, as things are to change very soon.

One can get used to everything

Mrs. Rachel Lynde assures that there is nothing terrible if Matthew and Marilla are both a little odd as “A body can get used to anything, even to being hanged, as the Irishman said “ all people are get used to them.

Light-heartedness of childhood

Diana is considered that it is nice to grow up, but from another side it is pitifully, so she tell Marilla that “It's perfectly appalling to think of being twenty, as it sounds so fearfully old and grown up” because children have small problems, adults have big once.

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