Anne Killigrew


  1. Alexandreis
  2. To the Queen
  3. A Pastoral Dialogue
  4. On Death
  5. Upon Being Contented With A Little
  6. On Billinda
  7. On an Atheist
  8. On Galla
  9. A Farewell to Worldly Joys
  10. The Complaint of a Lover
  11. Love, the Soul of Poetry
  12. To my Lady Berkeley
  13. St. John the Baptist
  14. Herodias
  15. Nimphs of Diana’s
  16. An Invective against Gold
  17. The Miseries of Man
  18. Verses
  19. Queen Katherine
  20. My Lord Colrane
  21. The Discontent
  22. A Pastoral Dialogue
  23. A Pastoral Dialogue
  24. On my Aunt Mrs. A. K.
  25. On a Young Lady
  26. On the Duchess of Grafton
  27. Penelope to Ulysses
  28. An Epitaph on Herself
  29. An Ode
  30. Young Gallant
  31. Cloris Charmes
  32. Upon a Little Lady
  33. Motions of Eudora

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