Animal Farm

Can anyone help me answer these questions?

I don't want to write them separately so here they are:

-How did animals on the other farms react to the rebellion on Animal Farm?

-For what reason was Snowball awarded a medal after the Battle of the Cowshed?

-What were the two issues that the animals had to decide between when it came time to vote to have a windmill or not?

-What freedom, or privilege, did Napoleon take away from the other animals after his dogs chased Snowball off the farm?

-Why did the animals accept Squealer's explanation for Napoleon's change of mind about the windmill without any questions?

-How were the animals "rewarded" for their hard labor?

-Why had Napoleon decided to engage in trade with the other farms in the area? (i think it was because they needed resources am i right?)

-How did Squealer convince the animals that no rule against trade with humans had ever existed?

-Why was it important for the animals to conceal their food shortages from the outside world?

-How was Napoleon able to convince the other animals that Snowball was a total traitor?

-Which animal did Napoleon's dogs attack without warning?

-Why was the slaughter of the animals, who confessed to being traitors especially horrifying to the other animals?

-Why did Napoleon ban the singing of "Beasts of England"?

-Who did Napoleon sell the farm's excess wood to?

-What are 3 ways that Mr.Frederick proved himself to be an enemy of the animals?

-What did the pigs discover in the basement of the farmhouse after the battle of the Windmill?

-How did Napoleon trick the animals into forgetting how hard life was for them?

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Those are a lot of questions. I'm afraid too many for the space. I'll give you a few though.

1. Word of the rebellion on what is now Animal Farm spreads fast. We find this out in Chapter 4. But it does not result in total revolution on any of the other farms.

2. Snowball fights bravely, even taking a bullet. He is given a medal of 'Animal Hero, first. Class.

3. Snowball estimates that the animals can complete the windmill with a year of hard labor, after which the time saving machine will shorten their workweek to three days. Napoleon counters with the idea that they will all starve to death in that time, and that the farm’s primary concern should be increasing food production. The animals split into two groups, one called “Vote for Snowball and the three-day week,” the other called “Vote for Napoleon and the full manger”

What freedom, or privilege did napoleon take away from the other animals after his dogs chased snowball off the farm??