Angels and Demons Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Angels and Demons Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

The ambigram

An ambigram is a text that reads the same if viewed upside-down. This method of calligraphy is employed by the Illuminati when they brand their victims. This is a meaningful symbol as it points to the reversed morality of the book, and emphasizes how the objective truth of the plot is exposed, in spite of the inverted intentions of religious men and terrorists alike. From the positive and negative, the matters of fact in the plot are immune to their portrayal. 


This is a wonderful symbol, although many of the scientific details about its inclusion may indicate a mistaken understanding about the actual physics of antimatter. But, insofar as antimatter is portrayed in the novel, it is a meaningful symbol. 

Antimatter represents the grey area between theology and physics, where both systems involve the study of unseen truths. This is thematically related to the book, because the plot involves learning the truth about things that are not readily apparent. 

The Catholic church as a symbol/motif

The Catholic church as symbolic in the work could be understood as a symbol or a motif, because it both represents a particular belief system, while also incurring many specific implications about the plot through its constituent parts. That is, the church is both a symbol and a system for symbols. 

The church as a symbol represents the position of religion and man's religious systems in the course of the plot. It allows for a meaningful discussion about belief and intent and corruption and potential within man's search for God. 

As a system, the church, specifically the power play toward being Pope, shows man's utilization of religion for his own purposes. This is a cynical, skeptical approach to religion, but it does allow for a meaningful interaction with religious skepticism, which is obviously a core concern for the narrative. 

The Illuminati

The Illuminati serves as a system of characters in the plot narrative, as well as being a symbol in the narrative. The society provides a method for discussions in the narrative about religion and corruption, religious terrorism, belief versus skepticism, and many other thematic discussions. 

Fire and the elements

When the Illuminati kills the Preferiti, they brand them with the words Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Their incursion of the elements into their murder has meaningful implications; namely it points out that the forces that have indicted the religious men are the forces of the observable universe. This shows religion to be flawed at its very nature. Perhaps the most powerful indictment against religious systems is the physical world that they seek to explain. 

Fire is shown again in this way when an important character self-immolates, catching himself on fire in public in an expression of shame and guilt. 

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