Angela's Ashes

what are the the key points of “Typhoid Fever”

from Angela’s Ashes

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After his Confirmation, Frank gets a nosebleed and is too sick to make the traditional Collection from neighbors and friends. Dr. Troy diagnoses him with typhoid fever and forces him into the Fever Hospital. His illness is very serious, bringing him attention, which he loves: the priest gives him Extreme Unction, the Confraternity boys pray for his recovery and his father kisses him for the first time. Frank also makes friends with the janitor Seamus and a fellow patient named Patricia Madigan, who is dying of diphtheria at fourteen. Patricia gives Frank a book that introduces him to Shakespeare, which affects him deeply. She also recites verses from the popular poem, "The Highwayman." The nurse doesn't like the two ill children speaking, however, and moves Frank to a ward by himself. There he learns that Patricia has died. Frank has Seamus ask his pub friends what happens at the end of "The Highwayman," and Seamus memorizes the last verses for Frank.

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