And Then There Were None

Publication and book title history

The novel was originally published in 1939 and early 1940 almost simultaneously, in Great Britain and the United States. In Great Britain it was originally published under the title Ten Little Niggers, in book and newspaper serialised formats. The serialisation was in 23 parts in the Daily Express from Tuesday, 6 June to Saturday, 1 July 1939. All of the instalments carried an illustration by "Prescott" with the first instalment having an illustration of Burgh Island in Devon which inspired the setting of the story. The serialised version did not contain any chapter divisions.[10] The book retailed for seven shillings and sixpence (£0.375 in the pre-decimal currency of that time).

In the United States it was published under the title And Then There Were None, again in both book and serial formats. Both of the original US publications changed the title from that originally used in the UK, due to the extreme offensiveness of the word in US culture, where it was more widely understood as a racially loaded insult compared to contemporary UK culture, and because of the pejorative connotations of the original blackface rhyme. The serialized version appeared in the Saturday Evening Post in seven parts from 20 May (Volume 211, Number 47) to 1 July 1939 (Volume 212, Number 1) with illustrations by Henry Raleigh, and the book was published in January 1940 by Dodd, Mead and Company for $2.00.[4][5][6]

Publication and title: English language

In the original UK novel all references to "Indians" or "Soldiers" were originally "Nigger", including the island's name, the pivotal rhyme found by the visitors, and the ten figurines.[5] (In Chapter 7, Vera Claythorne becomes hysterical at the thought of "our black brothers," which is understandable only in the context of the original name.) The word "Nigger" was already racially offensive in the United States by the start of the 20th century, and therefore the book's first US edition and first serialization changed the title to And Then There Were None and removed all references to the word from the book, as did the 1945 motion picture.

The book and its adaptations have since been released under various new names since the original publication, including Ten Little Indians (1946 play, Broadway performance and 1964 paperback book) – this title was also later deemed offensive, in this case to Native Americans[11] – Ten Little Soldiers, and the most widely used today, And Then There Were None.

UK editions continued to use the work's original title until the 1980s; the first UK edition to use the alternative title And Then There Were None appeared in 1985 with a reprint of the 1963 Fontana Paperback.[12]

English language editions and titles
  • Christie, Agatha (November 1939). Ten Little Niggers. London: Collins Crime Club. OCLC 152375426.  Hardback, 256 pp. (First edition)
  • Christie, Agatha (January 1940). And Then There Were None. New York: Dodd, Mead. OCLC 1824276.  Hardback, 264 pp. (First US edition)
  • 1944, Pocket Books, 1944, Paperback, 173 pp (Pocket number 261)
  • 1947, Pan Books, 1947, Paperback, 190 pp (Pan number 4)
  • 1958, Penguin Books, 1958, Paperback, 201 pp (Penguin number 1256)
  • Christie, Agatha (1963). And Then There Were None. London: Fontana. OCLC 12503435.  Paperback, 190 pp. (The 1985 reprint was the first UK publication of the novel under the title And Then There Were None).[13]
  • Christie, Agatha (1964). Ten Little Indians. New York: Pocket Books. OCLC 29462459.  (first publication of novel as Ten Little Indians)
  • 1964, Washington Square Press (paperback – teacher's edition)
  • Christie, Agatha (1977). Ten Little Niggers (Greenway edition ed.). London: Collins Crime Club. ISBN 0-00-231835-0.  CS1 maint: Extra text (link) Collected works, Hardback, 252 pp (Except for reprints of the 1963 Fontana paperback, this was one of the last English-language publications of the novel under the title "Ten Little Niggers")[14]
  • Christie, Agatha (1980). The Mysterious Affair at Styles; Ten Little Niggers; Dumb Witness. Sydney: Lansdowne Press. ISBN 0-7018-1453-5.  Late use of the original title in an Australian edition.
  • Christie, Agatha (1981). Ten Little Niggers (in Dutch). N J Robat (trans.) (Third edition ed.). Culemborg: Educaboek. ISBN 90-11-85153-6.  CS1 maint: Extra text (link) (Late printing of Dutch translation preserving original English title)
  • Christie, Agatha (1986). Ten Little Indians. New York: Pocket Books. ISBN 0-671-55222-8.  (Last publication of novel under the title "Ten Little Indians")

Publication and title: non-English languages

The original title (Ten Little Niggers) still survives in a few foreign-language versions of the novel, such as the Bulgarian title Десет малки негърчета, and was used in other languages for a time, for example in the Dutch publication until the 18th edition of 1994. The title Ten Little Negroes continues to be commonly used in foreign-language versions, for example in Spanish, Greek, Serbian, Romanian,[15] French[16] and Hungarian, as well as a 1987 Russian film adaptation Десять негритят (Desyat Negrityat). In 1999, the Slovak National Theatre showed the play under its original title but then changed the name to A napokon nezostal už nik (And Then There Were None) mid-run,[17] while the Italian translation is titled Dieci piccoli indiani (Ten Little Indians).

Non-English translations and titles
Language Title English translation
Arabic عشرة عبيد صغار Ten Little Negros
Bengali রইলো না আর কেউ And Then There Were None
Bosnian Deset malih crnaca Ten Little Negros
Bulgarian Десет малки негърчета Ten Little Negros
Basque Eta ez zen alerik ere geratu And Then There Were None
Catalan Deu negrets Ten Little Black Men
Chinese 無人生還 (Wú rén shēng huán) 一個都不留 (Yī gè dōu bù liú) No One Survived None is left
Croatian Deset malih crnaca Ten Little Negros
Czech Deset malých černoušků Ten Little Negros
Danish En af os er morderen One of Us is the Killer
Dutch Tien kleine negertjes En toen waren er nog maar... Ten Little Negros And then there were only...
Estonian Kümme väikest neegrit (1994 edition) Ja ei jäänud teda ka (2008 edition) Ten Little Negros And Then There Were None
Finnish Eikä yksikään pelastunut (1940, 2004) Kymmenen pientä neekeripoikaa (1968) And none survived Ten little negro boys
French[16] Dix Petits Nègres Ten Little Negros
Galician Dez negriños Ten Little Black Boys
German Letztes Weekend (1944) Zehn kleine Negerlein (1982) Und dann gabs keines mehr (2003) Last Weekend Ten Little Negros And Then There Were None
Greek Δέκα Μικροί Νέγροι Ten Little Negros
Hebrew עשרה כושים קטנים Ten Little Negros
Hungarian Tíz kicsi néger Ten Little Negros
Icelandic Tíu litlir negrastrákar Ten Little Negro boys
Indonesian Sepuluh Anak Negro Ten Little Negros
Italian Dieci piccoli indiani Ten Little Indians
Japanese そして誰もいなくなった (Soshite dare mo i naku natta) And Then There Were None
Korean 그리고 아무도 없었다 (Geurigo amudo eobs-eossda) And Then There Were None
Latvian Desmit mazi nēģerēni Ten Little Negros
Malayalam Oduvil Aarum Avasheshichilla No One Survived in the End
Malaysian Sepuluh Budak Hitam Ten Black Boys
Norwegian Ti små negerbarn Ten Little Negro Children
Persian ده بچه زنگی Ten Negro Children
Polish Dziesięciu murzynków I nie było już nikogo Ten Little Negros And Then There Were None
Portuguese (European) Convite para a Morte As Dez Figuras Negras Invitation to Death Ten Black Figures
Portuguese (Brazilian) E Não Sobrou Nenhum O Caso dos Dez Negrinhos O Vingador Invisível And Then There Were None The Case of the Ten Little Black Boys The Invisible Avenger
Romanian[15] Zece negri mititei Ten Little Negros
Russian Десять негритят Ten Little Negros
Serbian Десет малих црнаца Ten Little Negros
Slovak A neostal ani jeden And Then There Were None
Spanish Y no quedo ninguno and/or? Diez Negritos And No One Remained and/or? Ten Black Boys
Swedish Tio små negerpojkar (1940) Och så var de bara en (2008) Ten little Negro Boys And Then There Was Only One
Tamil பிறகு அங்கு ஒருவர் கூட இல்லை (Eng: Piragu angu oruvar kooda illai) And then there were none
Thai ฆาตกรรมยกเกาะ (Eng: Kat ta kum yok koh) Murders On The Island
Turkish "On Küçük Zenci" Ten Little Negros
Ukrainian "Десять негренят" Ten Little Negros
Urdu اور پھر کوئی بی نہیں رہا! And Then There Were None
Vietnamese Mười người da đen nhỏ Ten Little Black People

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