And Then There Were None

what are three clues when the ten people get on the island that something is not right? Also i need to describe the ten major characters

they question needs to have the meaning or reason behind each clue.


justice wargrave

vera claythorne

philip lombard

emily brent

general john MacArthur

dr.edward armstrong

anthony martson

william blore

thomas rogers

ethel rogers

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"Wargrave says he wrote the manuscript because he takes an artist’s pleasure in his own work and wants recognition. He wonders if the police will pick up on three clues: first, that Wargrave was the odd man out—he was not really guilty of a murder, as the rest were, since in condemning Edward Seton to death he condemned a guilty man. Second, the line about the “red herring” points to the fact that Armstrong was somehow tricked into his death. Third, Wargrave’s death by a bullet through the forehead will leave a red mark like the brand of Cain, the first murderer in the biblical book of Genesis."


For your character analysis simply go to the link for "And Then There Were None above; it will take you to the study...... all you have to do is click on the character link, and you will hagve them all.