And Then There Were None

5. On page 53, Philip Lombard points out that the gramophone record is titled Swan Song. What is a “swan song”?

Lombard said: "I agree." Tony said: "I'll go and forage." He went out of the room. He returned a second or two later. "Found them all waiting on a tray outside ready to be brought in." He set down his burden carefully. The next minute or two was spent in dispensing drinks. General Macarthur had a stiff whiskey and so did the judge. Every one felt the need of a stimulant. Only Emily Brent demanded and obtained a glass of water. Dr. Armstrong re­entered the room. "She's all right," he said. "I've given her a sedative to take. What's that, a drink? I could do with one." Several of the men refilled their glasses. A moment or two later Rogers re­ entered the room. Mr. Justice Wargrave took charge of the proceedings. The room became an impromptu court of law. The judge said:

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A "swan song" is a last act or performance..... the final act.


And Then There Were None