An Inspector Calls

Who, in your opinion treated Eva with the greatest cruelty?

Say whether you think this person is more responsible for Eva's death than the other characters involved.

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Gerald...... his mistreatment of Eva was both emotional and physical; he was an unfeeling cheat. Note.... I think that everything that happened to Eva had a part in her death. It was an accumulation of wrongs.


Eric Birling

A fact that is overlooked by many people while reading this play is how this man raped Eva Birling. He may be sorry for his actions at the end but he had still done a horrible act which could not be undone. Its him who makes Eva suicide herself as the pregnancy means an end for any hope of rebuilding her life back. Even though Gerald did damage her emotionally, she loved him and was happy with him; however with Eric she was unhappy and there was no love between them at all.