An Inspector Calls

What is Burlings attitude to the future and the progress he foresees?

I'm really stuck on these English questions PLEASE HELPPP ASAP πŸ˜–πŸ’—

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In Act I, Birling tells Gerald that he is β€œjust the kind of son-in-law I always wanted” and that Gerald and Sheila will make each other happy. He also makes clear, none too subtly, that he has ambitions for Crofts Limited and Birling and Company (the smaller of the two firms), though they are currently competitors, to work together at some point in the future, as a result of this marriage.


He is optimistic for the future and confident that there will not be a war. As the audience knows there will be a war, we begin to doubt Mr Birling's judgement. (If he is wrong about the war, what else will he be wrong about?)