An Inspector Calls

How does Priestly create contrast between the characters of Eva Smith and the Birling family/Gerald Croft?

What (or who) do you think she and they represent in terms of his own beliefs

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Eva was a country girl, she had no parents, and was of the working class. She was a pretty girl, and we know she was somewhat educated because she kept a journal.

The Birlings were very rich and upper class. Mr. Birling was a business man, his main concern..... capital. Sheila, like Eva, was a pretty girl, but that was where their similarities ended. Sheila had it all..... parents, an education, pretty clothes, and a carefree life.

Mrs. Birling represents the "cold" British exterior of the upper class. She believed herself to be above everyone, even her husband. Mrs. Birling worked for many charities but was anything but charitable..... she was a hypocrite.

Eric, like his sister, is spoiled and lacks purpose. He substitutes drinking for hard work.

As you can see from the above descriptions, Priestly has created characters in whom we can observe the British class system.